Introduction to Fastr

Fastr is an innovative SME developing a world first PropTech autonomous development ecosystem which accelerates development delivery.

Site discovery, identification, success probability, commercial and planning feasability process, and development management software.

Fastr’s unique feature is its intelligent search engine finding hidden, qualified land and development opportunities across multiple project sizes, residential, commercial and strategic opportunities. Currently focussed on 1-20 housing projects. This can be expanded into larger residential and sector specific searches such as car park redevelopment, strategic water source developments, energy storage sites, waste site projects, care home sites, solar sites, air space penthouses, basements, flood plain developments, brown field sites, abandoned projects etc

Fastr’s data universe enables it to create intelligent strategic reporting on  B2B2C levels including home buyer and professional services data reports.

Through successfully securing numerous Innovate UK funding opportunities and equity raises totalling £2.8m, Fastr saw their technology advance from Proof-Of-Concept to Minimum-Viable-Product, and is now commercialised, assisting land identification and housing development, with a bias to eco and sustainable housing projects through fast turnaround modular builds. Fastr developed the platform to address the growing UK housing shortfall which is projected to reach 4 million in England by 2031 [Heriot-Watt University, 2018]. With existing processes unable to meet growing housing demands, Fastr identified and has delivered an opportunity to develop an innovative Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based platform that supports the housing development lifecycle, improving efficiency. Including supporting the re-emergence of SME house builders. Fastr’s model is scalable globally.

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