Fastr is a prop-tech company looking to disrupt the residential new build housing market with its revolutionary collaboration portal. It allows users from consumer to professional to manage, connect and transact all in one easy to use secure and scalable environment, accelerating every process from site identification through to sales and beyond.

A cloud based property acceleration platform sitting on top of the vast supply chain, speeding up the whole process by harnessing the power of technology, the Internet and mobile devices.

The Fastr platform is a full end-to-end ecosystem, provided through a singular all-purpose SaaS solution, that accelerates the entire SME building process; addressing the market need and improving upon the current state-of-the-art by:

1. Digitising every aspect of the housing lifecycle, facilitating enhanced collaboration, and accelerating house construction.

2. Utilising GIS mapping, multiple data sets and AI to identify and unlock viable land at a fraction of the time and cost.

3. Developing BIM libraries for maximised site visualisation and accurate valuation, combined with a novel probability algorithm to assess planning permission likelihood.

Fastr allows collaboration between lenders, developers, valuers, suppliers and solicitors across a seamless interface turning months of paperwork into minutes. Fastr connects all stages of the development process in one accessible platform.

Fastr identifies and unlocks viable land at a fraction of the time and costs. Utilising GIS mapping, artificial intelligence, machine learning and a vast array of property and demographic data. Fastr’s unique proprietary algorithms locates developable residential housing sites.

Fastr makes the technology both accessible and affordable where it was previously expensive, cumbersome & resource heavy, utilised only by corporates on large projects.

The Fastr team are constantly searching for innovative technological solutions to the global housing crisis built around our core product engine.